Reclaiming the hope of Africa's future

United Pan-Africanist Movement

Who are we?

We are “Reclaiming The Hope of Africa’s Future”

Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a pan-African federation, where all African states unite together and progress the political, socio-economic development of Africa. With the continuous battle of neocolonialism in this current age, the United Pan-Africanist Movement aims for a reconciliation of African states, which can allow the nation to transform and reach a point of true solidarity, self-government, political and socio-economic improvement. Furthermore, we endeavor to promote security, stability, peace, and justice within the union of Africa.

Mission Statement

Founded in 2020, the mission of the United Pan Africanist Movement is to encourage and strengthen the bonds of political, economic, and social solidarity between all African states. We strive to unify and uplift our African continent by establishing a constitution for a cooperative government within the nation in order to achieve true independence and integrity.

Pillars of Pan Africanism are African Nationalism, Scientific Socialism, and Continental Unity.

Our purpose and values of United Pan-Africanist Movement involves:

• Promoting the unification and solidarity between the African states
• Promoting sustainable advancements and developments within the African society; including the political, social, cultural, and economic aspects
• Becoming truly independent from the struggles of neocolonialism
• Becoming self-sufficient as a nation and obtaining continental stability and security
• Achieving a prosperous future for the continent of Africa

United Pan Africanist Movement

United Pan-Africanist Movement (UPAM) is a worldwide movement that aims to encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diasporan ethnic groups of African descent and a possible United Africa for independence and Economic Prosperity Reclaiming the hope of Africa’s future.

  • African Development
  • Met Expectations
  • Below Expectations

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