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UPAM is one of the largest non-governmental movements in the world. it was established in 2020  Our vision is to achieve a real-life impact in a society driven by our humanitarian values. In UPAM we believe in the neutrality of actions, transparency of intentions, and independence of goals. In UPAM, we work together to strengthen the social values that cherish philanthropy and celebrate the love that lasts a lifetime. We run thousands of projects, and we need you to be part of these milestone achievements. By proceeding, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. To find out what personal data we collect and how we use it, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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Africa is calling her children home. She weeps for her children. She is endowed with riches, she has the most fertile of soils, wonderful climate, beautiful topography and abundant natural resources. Her children are the most hardworking, beautiful, intelligent, loving and caring men and women.

We are proud to be the foundation, the corner stones and the pillars on which the rest of the world stands on. Look around you and you will realize that one of her children created something.

  • The light filament of the incandescent bulb was created by Lewis Howard Latimer
  • The origin of the idea of vaccines was introduced by an enslaved West African called Onesimus, who taught his master and later a doctor in Massachusetts how to completely eradicate small pox

Though Africans were never recognized nor given credit, we do acknowledge their expertise.

But it is no news to us that we struggle, we suffer, our people are dying of hunger and starvation, diseases are depleting our numbers, we are getting reed of our natural resources (for pennies), we are tormented and looked upon as second class humans.

A wise man once said: “having the opportunity to ride in the front, middle or back of someone else’s bus does not dignify you, but riding in your own bus, you will be dignified greatly.”

It is time to make Mother Africa proud.  Let’s feed her children, let’s light her up, let’s save her children from diseases, let’s take possession of what is rightfully ours and put it to good use …

Today we are on a journey to revive Mother Africa and we all need to come together.


Funds raised will be used

  • To acquire land in at least 3 countries in Africa at a time until we cover the entire 55 countries,
  • Buy seeds
  • Buy farming machinery
  • Set up irrigation
  • pay for labor
  • Build storage facilities
  • Enable transportation of produce

This Agricultural project will avail food to our people, stamp out hunger, provide a source of employment and income for thousands of African youths. It will bring back a smile to the faces of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.  This can be accomplished by coming up with and implementing ideas like:

  • Exporting high quality fresh produce to the world
  • Exporting Process products like chocolate, tomato paste, oils and others.
  • Products like banana to produce paper, oil by-products for plastics.

         The goal for the agriculture project is $50,000.00

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Funds raised will be used to

  • Acquire a building site
  • Buy raw materials and equipment
  • Setting up the manufacturing plant and warehouses
  • pay for labor

Imagine the smile on the faces of our mothers when the lights are turned on and they stay on.

  • Children will be able to study easily at night.
  • Food can be stored for longer periods of time
  • No need for deforestation just for cooking
  • Electric tools can be used to improve processes both residential and commercial.

The list is endless.

Mother Africa needs you. Let’s all put in something to continue this journey.

The goal for lighting Africa is $20,000,000.00


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