The People


UPAM believes in professionals fueling a strong, diversified economy.  The UPAM understands that our formal economy must be expanded to absorb the knowledge and skills of those with expertise to offer. The UPAM remains the safest bet for the educated class of citizens in Africa to grow the economy and put many currently jobless graduates on decent jobs to start families on.

The Young and Students

UPAM believes in the passion of the young and the curiosity of students stretching the imagination of the ccontinent and bringing the future even closer. In this regard, UPAM believes in accessible credit for young people starting start-ups and affordable education, empowering education for students.


The UPAM partnership with teachers remains  strong.  We understand that education, in a  highly capitalistic society like Africa remains the only equalizer  allowing millions of people to access the opportunities that come with an inter-connected world. Teachers design and define a relevant curriculum that both exposes and empowers young minds to be able to compete with global peers in solving some of the world’s urgent challenges. Our support for teachers is therefore non-negotiable for a middle-income ccontinent.


Gender Equity is at the heart of UPAM’s relationship with women. UPAM believes no society can truly achieve its full potential with women viewed as the ‘insignificant other’. UPAM has a history of fighting gender discrimination and currently leads in the number of women nominated in various seats in counties and the national assembly. Within the rank of the movement, women occupy critical positions and are trusted with heavy responsibilities which they have performed with utmost professionalism. The UPAM supported the “Two-thirds gender rule”, which seeks to deliberately increase the number of women in government and believes that the bill’s intents should have been achieved long ago. Moving forward, UPAM will continue to fight against practices and norms that discriminate and disempower women and girls, as well as push for access to affordable sanitary provisions to school-age girls among others.

Vulnerable Groups

The UPAM believes in care for the disabled, the sick, and the old. While disability is not inability, in many communities, certain infirmities can render persons to lifelong isolation and discrimination. UPAM pushed for and achieved, budgetary allocation to the old in a program which seeks to make human dignity a reality for those who cannot fend for themselves due to old age. For the sick and the poor, UPAM remains deeply committed to affordable and accessible healthcare. UPAM will combat new and emergent diseases and improve health facilities on the continent. UPAM believes provision of quality  healthcare is a fundamental government duty that cannot be delegated to a single individual to run a charity on.

Business community

The UPAM promotes businesses that create jobs and employ citizens of our continent. In an increasingly interconnected world, UPAM is cognizant of the corporate power of transnational entities which mass manufactures and mass imports thus threatening our local capacities to grow our industrial base. UPAM views the role of government in promoting businesses like that of creating the right policy and legal environment for people to conduct their businesses without disruptive state interference.


UPAM promotes minority rights within the context of constitutional provisions for the protection of minority rights; including cultural, environmental, and economic rights.

Sportsmen and Women

The UPAM promotes sports and arts not just as social events but economic and diplomatic endeavours. Sports have pulled thousands out of poverty and placed our continent in the comity of world nations. The UPAM believes in empowering sportsmen and women with quality facilities and efficient management of entities that oversee talent development in our continent. Local sports also function as avenues to culturally integrate and create a cohesive society. UPAM is the movement of great sportsmen and women of our continent, many who confide in us the teething challenges currently facing the sector. In arts, UPAM believes today’s ideas are tomorrow’s realities. Support for sportsmen and women is non-negotiable.

Healthcare Providers and caregivers

UPAM stands in solidarity with the doctors, nurses and clinical offers together with every care worker in the health sector of our continent. UPAM remains a partner in pushing for improved working conditions, fair living wages and better facilities to combat one of our continent’s oldest enemies: diseases. Our solidarity also extends to quality training of healthcare givers and prompt employment once they are ready to start offering their much needed expertise and services.

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